Appointment Policy

Here at Young Family Dentistry, we understand that everyone’s time is valuable. In order to provide quality services on a timely manner and to be fair to everyone, we ask that:

If you cannot keep the appointment, please give us 48 hour notice to avoid a service fee of $50.00.

If the appointment is cancelled without notice for three times, we reserve the right to discontinue the relationship.

If you ever have to reschedule your appointment due to unexpected events, please call us right away.

Habitual rescheduling of the same appointment for three consecutive times will incur a service fee of $15.00.

If you believe you will be running late, please call us immediately so we can best help you and everyone else.

If you are late for your appointment for more than 10 minutes, we reserve the right to reschedule so that other patients who show up on time may not be affected.