Dental Check-Ups

We believe in preventive care. We recommend yearly check-ups and a semi-annual cleaning in between for adults and 6 months check-ups for children.

Yearly exam for adults includes oral cancer screening, necessary X-rays as determined by the doctor to do proper diagnosis, and a cleaning.

If you are a smoker or tobacco user, be sure to get yourself an annual exam with a dentist regularly.  You will be glad you did!

New patients maybe scheduled for a separate cleaning visit after an initial thorough exam and treatment-planning visit with the doctor. This is the visit to ask any questions you may have regarding your dental health and treatment plan.


We eat several times a day yet most of us brush only once a day.  This allows plaque to stay on teeth for hours at a time, causing damage to teeth and gums. Plaque is the yellow, soft debris that stays on teeth after we eat.  If this plaque does not get removed daily, it becomes hard as rock, which we commonly refer to as “tartar”. 

Professional cleaning of teeth could be a simple, same-day procedure done with your check-up exam or could be a more involved, deep-cleaning procedure.  Only a thorough exam by the dentist will reveal what your mouth needs. 

People with certain types of gum disease will require additional deep-leaning that takes more than one visit.  

Gingivitis is the most common gum disease that we hear about. It basically means inflammation of the gums. This is reversible with professional cleaning every 6 months or one year, together with diligent brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.

Periodontitis is a more serious type of gum disease where the bones holding the teeth in place starts deteriorating due to constant presence of plaque, tartar, and inflammation of the gums. This type of disease is not reversible and requires professional treatment with frequent follow-ups. If untreated, the person can lose their teeth. First comes the persistent bleeding gums. Then comes the mobility then the loss of teeth. And like other more serious systemic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes, once a person gets periodontal disease, it can never be rid of. And it can contribute to other systemic diseases such as heart disease, or can worsen the existing systemic diseases, such as diabetes. Periodontitis in pregnant women are associated with low birth weight babies. However, the disease can be controlled with proper professional care and home care. So get your annual exam and cleaning regularly.  Come visit a dentist in Hurst TX to help keep your teeth and gums healthy!